Thursday, November 6, 2008

Congratulations on Election Victory

It's Thursday and I'm pretty much done crying in my beer about Barack Obama and his team winning the election. I congratulate Mr. Obama and his campaign people. It's clear they ran an effective and organized campaign. If they are as smart in running the executive branch and dealing with the Congress everything will be OK. And that's even from a markets and Capitalism point of view.

It seems to me the election winners would have been the same even if none of the rumored irregularities around the edges with with ACORN and anonymous illegal campaign contributions turn out to be true. But we will only know about this in time, after the research is done, any court cases are settled, and the books come out chronicling the campaigns.

We will also see how deep runs the international affection for President-Elect Obama. He gets his first Presidential level security briefing today. I said to someone before the election that getting that first briefing would probably be an opinion-changing experience for most people. I'll be watching for any changes in what President-Elect Obama has to say about the international scene.

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