Wednesday, April 15, 2009

T.E.A. Party Day

Hooray for the Tea party organizers. I'm going to my local Tea party today to see what happens.

The stimulus bills and associated pork may have been the catalysts for the Tea party movement. However the larger and longer term issue is the growth of government spending as a percentage of GDP. That is bad, on top of all the other reasons, because a dollar cycled through the government has a lower multiplier than a dollar kept circulating in the private sector. That subject is explored in detail in any good first- or second-year economics course.

For those that don't care about wealth, or want to lower it, the lower multiplier is not a problem. For the rest of us it's a key issue, even if it's not usually argued in those terms.

So I'm off to my local Tea party. Here's an article that surveys the Tea party phenomenon.

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