Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kill the Health Care Reform bill

Yes, just kill it. Don't renegotiate, water it down, try to fix it, or try to work in a new philosophy.

I remember the Hillarycare initiative, and I was jumping for joy when it died. This bill is about the same, and I'll be just has happy when it's dead.

The worst and fundamental flaw Congress' approach in the bill is that it ignores free market principles. There is not some special properties box around health care that causes market principles not to apply. Markets exist, and incentives and free will apply, in this area as much as any other.

These markets are substantially distorted now, and have been for a very long time, numbered in decades. But to argue that the fix is having a government behemoth "competing" with private insurance companies, surrounded by other new bureaucracies, is heinously wrong.

I personally am not happy with the health care system as it is. I have many complaints. But this direction is not the correct one.

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